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The Phone

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The Phone

Four friends playing poker. On the table cigarettes, cell phones, full ashtrays, etc..
 At one time a phone rings. One answer:
 – Yes … well honey, with some friends … you say? … Fur? … $ 2000? … But not too much? … A! is natural … well, buy it.
 Hang up the phone, plays more plays, the phone call again. Reply.
 – Yeah … I did not say? with some friends … you found a car? how much? … $ 20,000!? yeah, not too much? Ae … new … leather seats … full-options … well, buy it.
 Hang up the phone and started playing again. A few tens of minutes sounds again. Reply.
 – Yes … I said before, some friends … the man came home!? what house? what man? A. .. Agent …. how much? … $ 500,000!! but not too much? … it has 20 rooms … 8 bathrooms … just move … good, good, buy it. Pa.
 Hang up the phone after, throw it on the table and says:
 -” Who the hell is this phone, it started to annoy me!

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