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A croupier is the person behind a card table in the casino, which accompanies the game. The dealer is responsible for the fairness of the game (such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc.), and the performance of the payouts.


The croupiers follow an internal training three months before roulette and blackjack games. Techniques, procedures and hospitality are the main components here are discussed. When the croupier is considered trained (usually after 1-3 years) he or she can learn manage multiple games.


A croupier has to adhere to strict rules, he / she has no influence on the course of the game. Thus, the croupier in blackjack draw cards for themselves until a point total of 16, and stop when he was 17 or higher. Risk taking is for him / her is not allowed. Also at roulette the croupier operates according to a strict procedure, rotating the cylinder, giving the ball, placing the dolly (marking the winning number), the payment of winnings: everywhere there is a method behind.


To ensure a smooth and fair game play to guarantee a croupier will be able to seamlessly mental arithmetic. The best known example is the calculation of a payment to roulette, but also while accepting bets from customers should soon be counted to verify the guest plenty of chips and / or notes has given his or her commitment. When calculating a payment to make some roulette croupiers use “picture bets”. With the help of this picture, not all bets winning chances have to be separately calculated. I

Tronc tip

The salary of a croupier is a part of tronc; gratuities. In the casino world is a general-use when the service and hospitality at stated price, the croupier in the payment of a square chips to give. When the croupiers will receive tronc will thank the player, usualy in French (“merci pour les employés”), or “thank you from the staff.” Incidentally, it is not unusual that more French terms used by the croupier.

A croupier gets some minutes break every hour, because as a psychically appeal is considered and optimal concentration is desirable to correct errors as much as possible. Usually in teams of several croupiers at three tables rotated during a shift of 8 hours.

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