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Limit in poker

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acesThe term limit defines a betting of poker game. A limit game thus indicates to players that the amount and number of raises are limited, unlike the games in No Limit (open raise).

Games using this betting system

A limit game has a betting structure encountered especially in casinos, where the game is played in cash games (players bet with real money and not token), a synonym is the term ring games.

In limit, the bets and raises made by the player are predefined and limited to a certain amount defined in advance before starting the game.

Fixed value bets

During the first round of betting, the default bet is the “small bet” and in the following, the big bet. The raises are equivalent to these bets.

So that when playing poker in limit, there are always two choices: follow the amount of the last bet or raise with the amount planned for this round (small or big bet).

A Texas Hold’em limit game is thus characterized by two bets. The amount of the blinds is often based on both bets, the big blind is the small bet and therefore the small blind is half of it.


For example, a table € 1/€ 2 means:

  • Amount of the small blind: 0,5 €
  • Amount of the big blind: € 1
  • Amount of the small bet 1 €
  • Amount of big bet: € 2

Limit of the number of revival

A limited betting poker table is usually also limited in the number of bets (raise and re-raise). This limit is often a bet and three or four raise in total.

In the previous example, regardless of the number of playing players, if the maximum allowed number of bets including the rais to the table is 4, and that two or more players raise each other, then each player may bet maximum of only 4 € the first two rounds and € 8 the following rounds.

Impact on the game

This strategy aims to allow players to play longer and not lose their stakes too quickly for the benefit of another player. And certainly thereby enriching a little more the casino since it takes a commission on each game.

Another consequence is the minimization of the interest and effect of bluffing. The player having a bad game that attempts to bet strong for his opponents to fold, can do so only up to the limit and may be more easily called by his opponent if he doubts the value of his hand.

Limit bettings accordingly appeal more to players playing statistics and reflection as those favoring the psychological aspect of poker.

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