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Market research


Business Plan

A business plan is a formal document that describes a business and the environment in which it operates, its short-term and long ways objectives, and means of achieving this objective.

When you make a business plan answer some basic questions:

  • What stage is your business now?
  • In what way you want to evolve?
  • How do you go from here?
  • What will increase costs?
  • How will you pay for it?



One way to achieve user profile is to make a list of everything you know about interests, customs, way of life of persons potentially interested in your offer. It is possible that the information we collect this way is not complete and, during development of the site, to discover other useful things about your target audience. It is also possible that, after the implementation, you will find between site users a different category from those projected.

Key practices:

  • Do not attempt too much precision to target a public category
  • Ask them those whom you consider representative members of the target audience, what they think about the project, and, after the implementation, about the web site.
  • Permanently gather as many information about the needs, interests and abilities of those who make up the target audience.

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