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Old Pink Poker

Old Pink PokerAn extension of Kuhn poker, the game uses five cards, the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack of Diamonds, and the Queen of Hearts. It is a simple game, without blinds or antes. Each player receives one card, and then bets, raises or folds to gain the pot from their opponent.

It is generally played by two people, although it can be played by three or four, and is often used to settle arguments or grudges in a social group. The attraction lays in its simplicity, and the fact that it is based almost entirely on reading people, instead of statistics, although it can be resolved from a game theory perspective. It is most played in the South of England, where it also known as overtake poker, animal poker, elephant poker, or any other animal. The most common Old Pink name is apparently a reference to the Pink Floyd song Empty Spaces, which contains the phrase as a hidden message when played backwards.

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