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Let It Ride

LIRLet It Ride is a casino variant of poker, played against the casino as an alternative to against the other players. The game’s relatively slow pace along with the opportunity to pull back two with the three bets has created Let It Ride well-known with older players and table game neophytes. Simultaneously, the game’s slow pace has resulted in some casino dealers nicknaming the game “Let It Die”. (A slow-paced game final results in fewer strategies for the dealer, hence the derogatory nickname.)

“Let It Ride” was invented by Shuffle Master, who owns the copyright to each the name from the game along with the logo.

Fundamental guidelines

Let It Ride is really a variation of five card stud where the player wagers on a poker hand consisting of 3 cards within the player’s hand and two community cards within the dealer’s hand. Like in video poker, the payout is determined by the ranking on the player’s hand plus the payout schedule.

Payout schedule
Hand Payout
Royal flush 1,000 to 1
Straight flush 200 to 1
Four of a kind 50 to 1
Full house 11 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Three of a kind 3 to 1
Two pair 2 to 1
Pair of 10’s or better 1 to 1

Please note that this really is the common payout schedule utilised at most casinos. Other payout schedules exist in the solution of person casinos, and suitable strategy alterations with distinct payout schedules.

Game play


Each player places three equal bets in three spaces labeled (1),(two) and ($).

Optional side bet

Some casinos offer you an optional $1 side bet. This side bet offers an more payout in the event the player’s initial three cards includes a winning hand. The residence edge on this bet is usually more than 13%, generating it a single of your worst bets to get a player inside a casino. A far more widespread $1 side bet is against a fixed payout scheduling generally beginning with two pair (ordinarily a $4 payout, but definitely only 3:1 given that the original dollar is collected before the hand is dealt) or three of a kind (ordinarily a $8 payout).

The deal

Every single player receives three face down cards. The dealer receives two cards face down.

The play

Let It Ride compares the player’s poker hand with a payout chart, instead of comparing it with all the other players’ hands or the dealer’s hand. The player’s hand consists in the player’s three cards and the dealer’s two cards.

Every single player is required to help keep the three cards in full view on the dealer all the time.

Winners are paid as outlined by the payout schedule (pair of 10’s or superior, two pair, and so forth.).

Immediately after searching at his 3 cards, every player has the choice of pulling back the initial bet or leaving the wager there. To leave the bet live is to “let it ride”.

The dealer then exposes one neighborhood card. The players then each and every possess the selection of pulling back the second bet or lettitng it ride. Right after every single player decides no matter whether or not to pull back the second bet, the cards are placed face down on the designated region of your layout and might not be touched again.

The dealer then turns up the second neighborhood card and inside a counterclockwise path, turns the 3 cards of every single player face up.

All losing wagers are then collected, and then all winning hands are paid by the dealer according to the payout schedule.

Irrespective of the decision created concerning the initial or second bets, a player might not take back the third bet.

Players are usually not permitted to show their hands towards the other players, as this gives them an benefit by escalating their probabilities of realizing what cards the dealer is most likely to turn up. In lots of casinos this is normally not enforced at all or quite sparingly. At a complete table, it can be occasionally tough to not see the cards of a player on either side of you.

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