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Play free Soccer Shot online game

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Soccer Shot opens a new class of games based on Japanese Pachinko, a vertical style of pinball machine which has gained enormous popularity in Asia. Between 40 and 50 million people play these pinball games and as many as 30 million are devoted players. The games are unique and include state of the art physics engines.

Soccer Shot is a game for all football fans. The game depends on the dexterity of the player’s fingers – the faster you are, the more fun you will have!

The objective is to purchase several balls and try to put them into the pots. There are 3 levels of games with three different field formations: Rookie, Intermediate and Pro. Aside from the different formations, the levels vary in their possible win amount and chances to pot balls. On harder levels it is more difficult to pot a ball and claim a prize, but the prizes are much bigger. Choosing a level is done by clicking the desired formation out of the three available. The default level is the easiest.

Placing Bets

To start the game you need to purchase some balls. You should decide how many balls to buy and how much each ball costs. To choose the number of balls, use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ controls to the right and to the left of the Balls input box. You may also enter the number of balls manually in the box by selecting it with your mouse and then using your keyboard. Note that if the figure is too high or too low, the background color of the Total Stake box will change to red. In this case you should either increase or decrease the value respectively. You can buy up to 99 balls per game.

Next you should decide how much you would like to stake per ball. The higher the stake per ball, the higher award it may bring you at the end of the game. To set a stake per ball, use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ controls to the right and left of the Stake per ball box. You may also enter the stake amount manually into the box using your keyboard. Note that the Total Stake background color also changes to red if the stake is too high or too low.


Once you have decided on the number of balls to buy and stake per ball, click on the Play button to start playing. When the button is clicked, the balls purchased are loaded into the stack on the left side of the screen. The number of pucks in the stack is displayed in the box at the top of the stack. This figure will be decreased by one each time you shoot a ball until no balls are left in the stack. You are now ready to start shooting the balls down the field.

To fire the balls, click on the Shoot button. The balls fired will reach the bumpers and start bouncing. After some time the balls fall down with some of them landing in the pots. For each ball that ends up in a pot you are awarded with a number of extra balls. You may always view the number of balls awarded in the Balls box on the right. Each awarded ball is equivalent to your price per ball. The shooting will end when no more balls are left in the stack.

Game Result

When the stack is empty you may collect your prize by clicking on the Collect button. This will exchange all the balls you have won into cash. Alternatively you may continue playing and load the newly awarded balls into the stack by clicking the Load button. There is no limit to how many times you may load new balls and you may continue to do so as long as you are awarded them.


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