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Poker dealer

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In poker, whether in poker tournament or not, the dealer is a role passing from player to player by turning clockwise.

On a table, the dealer is identified generally by the presence beside him of a special token, larger than the tokens from the game and marked with a “D” in order not to be confused with the other poker chips.

In a game between friends, it is possible to do without it, but it must then be careful to remember which one was the last dealer.

However, the dealer, contrary to its name, is not necessarily the one giving the cards because there may be a croupier at the table for the distribution of playi8ng cards at every turn but which does not play. It is also possible that another player is in charge of the distribution (absence of the player whose is in turn, or physical disability). This does not prevent the dealer role to continue to go from player to player.

It is the position of the dealer that determines who will start the betting round.

In Hold’em and  poker games with no hole card, it is the player (still in play) located just after the dealer (clockwise) that will receive the first card, bet the small blind in the first round, and bet on first in the following rounds.

In stud variants or when there is no blind, the dealer position only serves to determine who receives the first card of the deck.

One who distributes the cards (the dealer) is to mix the cards before each hand, distribute, according to the variant of poker cards to the players, turm up the community cards in the middle of the table, picking up the cards of the players with pass, and gather in the center of the table the chips wagered by each player.

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