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Preparing team members participating in the cybercrime investigation


Nature of crime requires criminal investigation to achieve within a team of investigators. The need of the investigation within a team emerges from the need to ensure a greater objectivity and effective conjugation skills and specializations derived from team members. Both because of the special characteristics of the equipment subject to investigation and methods employed in the forensic investigation of information systems, team members investigators must possess adequate knowledge and skills specific to the investigation.

It is estimated that a good investigator must possess:

  • sufficient knowledge of computer techniques that allow it to understand the functioning philosophy of a computer system, examine technical documentation and to use, if needed, advanced computer techniques to help him achieve the pursuedaim;
  • sufficient knowledge on the techniques used by companies, especially accounting systems, in order to understand the characteristics of systems that could be subject to fraud, so that it can determine both mode and where might to direct the investigation to find evidence of the offense;
  • sufficient knowledge of internal security techniques so that the investigation can be carried out quickly and reliably, and be directed in the right direction.

In addition to the knowledge of the investigators, it were highlighted skills that must exist or be developed in individual investigators so that they may conduct the investigation. Thus, we can mention: extroverted personality (because generally specialists in technical fields, particularly computer, possesses fewer inter-human communication skills), inclination to detail (very important, especially given the specific of electronic evidence: abundance of information available on storage space, reduced physical size; however, it is important to keep an overall view of the investigation), logical thinking, good communication (especially important to ensure the presentation of the results of the investigation in a relevant both in writing and in court), objectivity. Preparing cybercrime investigators in the field is a constant concern of the criminal investigation bodies worldwide.

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