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Problem gambling

games074Problem gambling is an established need to bet in order to achieve profit or advantage. According to the international classification of diseases and related health problems ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) together with with trihotolomaniya, kleptomania and pyromania, problem gambling is considered an abnormal habits codenamed F63.0 (pathological gambling).


Each openness and preventing interpersonal contact work. As with alcohol and cigarettes, it is important to teach modest consumption of resources for enjoyment and pleasure.


Treatment is a psychological or cognitive psychology, or behavioral therapy. Aim of control of the game, not a full withdrawal by the application of cognitive behavioral therapy. Dependence has a long prehistory. Often parents are addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling.

Legal consequences

In criminal proceedings it is demonstrated that the presence of gambling (such as clinical signs) may be considered a mitigating factor in determining the punishment for a crime. In this process, gambling is demonstrated by forensic medical (psychiatric) examination.

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