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Punto banco

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Punto banco

Punto banco is a card game inspired by Baccarat. It was invented in South America or Mexico. This is a popular game for its speed and simplicity. The baccarat player actually has nothing to do except play on the punter, the bank or equality.

This game is actually a resume of the chemin de fer. The dealer handles for punter and bank. The customer places his bets on defined locations and the game begins. A random table determines the number of cards outputs per employee (between 4 and 6).

Unlike other games of baccarat, the used cards are “American” model (with numbers written on it).

The cards keep their face values. The ace is 1 and figures worth 0. When the addition of the cards exceeds 10 points the tens are not counted: 8 + 8 is therefore 6.

The table comes in circulation for bank cards.

  • If “punto” or “banco” have a total of 8 or 9 does not pull other cards. Excluding this case, punter pulls up to 5 and stops to 6.

  • If punter has 6 or 7, the bank will also draw up to 5 and stop to 6.

  • Finally, in other cases, the bank will draw a card based on nominal value of the third card of the punter and not global.

    • If the bank has 3 it will draw on any card of punter except 8.

    • If the bank has 4 it will draw if punter draws a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

    • If the bank has 5 it will draw if punter draws a 4, 5, 6, 7.

    • If the bank has 6 it will draw if punter draws a 6, 7.

Once the cards out, the bank proceeds to the collection of losses and payment of winnings. Bets of the punter are paid to equality, on the other side the bets of the bank are paid at even less 5%. In casinos you can play most of the time in fractions of 20 euros only. Equality pays 8 to 1 because it happens much less often.

Most of the time punto banco is operated with a shoe of 8 decks of cards. It can also be “two tables” like baccarat.

Punto banco players are used to record the shots that go out of way to play shots series (eg 7 or 8 shots on the following punto).

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