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Saudi Arabia Homeland Security & Law Enforcement Market – Up To 2015

2011 Saudi HLS & Law Enforcement: Sub-Markets Share [%]
2011 Saudi HLS & Law Enforcement: Sub-Markets Share [%]
The recent turmoil in the Arab world forced the Saudi Arabian royal family into critical regime stabilization decision junctures. The Saudis hiked their 2011 Homeland Security & Law Enforcement procurement budget by 46%. During 2013-2015 Saudi Arabia plans to procure as much as $29.1B of HLS & Law Enforcement related products and services.

The Facilities Protection Force (FPF) manpower will grow from 30,000 today into a formidable force of 55,000 by 2015 fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment to protect the Saudi oil facilities and control civil unrest.

Driven by the Saudis, on May 14, 2012 the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, and Kuwait) endorsed the GCC Security Cooperation Pact which establishes an interstate internal and external security alliance among the member states.

The Saudi Homeland Security & Law-Enforcement market is a unique case, since the global financial crisis does not impact the economy of Saudi Arabia (the world’s leading oil exporter), which uses its petrodollars to invest “whatever it takes” to secure the country’s stability and defeat any internal and external regime change threats. This growing market creates lucrative business opportunities for the international defense and security industry.

HSRC’s Saudi Arabia Homeland Security & Law Enforcement Market – 2012-2015 report presents in 142 pages and 86 tables and figures: market opportunities and entry strategies, analyses, market data starting from 2010, and forecasts up to 2015 of the Saudi Homeland Security & Law Enforcement markets, as well as profit from in-depth market information, analysis and market forecast of 14 Saudi Homeland Security & Law Enforcement submarkets:

  • Aviation security market
  • Maritime security market
  • CBRN mitigation market
  • Border security market
  • Perimeter security market
  • Biometric identification market
  • Private sector security market
  • Cyber control & security market
  • Homeland Security & Law Enforcement intelligence market
  • Riot control equipment market
  • Non-lethal weapons market
  • Critical infrastructure security market
  • Homeland Security & Law-Enforcement C-3I market
  • Interoperable & other communications market

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