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The Creation and The Spirit

The Creation and The Spirit, by Adriana Craciun

Life is wonderful and complex. This book is a collection of scientific proofs that I have managed to gather from the books I have read. The spirit exists; it is alive and eternal; God exists and He/She once created a perfect human race. Human beings have microcosmic structure and we all should vibrate by the rhythm of the Universe.

As the Bible is a fundamental book for me, I have tried to associate science with the events illustrated in the Bible and I have discovered information that does not match Creation chronology.

That is why I am sure that we as a race are controlled by very intelligent and powerful entities and I have decided to continue my research in the next two volumes.

In addition, I have presented a method of emotional healing that anybody can try, developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

As far as I am concerned I have illustrated several sequences of my life that have made me believe in Love, Light, and our possibility of living in a better world.


You can get the full document on DVD or printed book, or in any downloadable format:

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