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How to Save Health When You Spend Much Time at the Computer

Keeping fit and healthy is a popular topic in modern digital era. Every day we kill our nerves, sight, posture, joints, and even stomach just sitting at the computer. No matter if you work at your architectural project at the office, or play MMO video games at home, or just surf the internet for hours to find a European dating site. Such occupations lower our physical activity and there is nothing right about it. So, how to combine your work and hobbies and save your health? Here are our tips.

For eyes

Probably, the most fragile thing in our organism is our eyesight. Screens kill it very fast. The consequences of lasting work at the monitor are irritation, burning and pain in the eyes, and the feeling of eyewinker. Such symptoms are called the Computer Vision Syndrome. It happens because our eyes’ muscles tire after long-lasting tension. To avoid these symptoms and minimize the negative impact on eyesight, follow these recommendations:

  • Use computer glasses. They are designed to enhance the contrast of the image and to eliminate glares;
  • Blink more often. While working at the computer our eyes concentrate on a certain point and we blink more seldom than usual. It causes the feeling of eye dryness. Therefore, blink often and use special eye drops.
  • Set up your working place properly. A computer should not be placed across from the window and near other sources of light. It causes the difference between the brightness of the monitor and the space behind it, which leads to overstrain. Also, but a monitor 10 centimeter above eye level.
  • Make pauses. Just don’t sit constantly staring at the monitor. Every 20 minutes look away from it at least for 30 seconds and make exercises.

For spine and joints

Back diseases bring more suffering and affect all other organs even if we do not notice it. The consequences of such problems can appear after years and even decades, so take it seriously.

  • Pick up a comfortable chair. Make sure nothing bother you when you sit. Your spine should not be too tensed the whole time you work at the computer. Set up a comfortable position of chair’s back and its height.
  • Look after your posture. Make it a habit to notice in what position you are sitting at a certain moment and how do you feel about it. Do not cross your legs, hold your back straight (but avoid any discomfort if you feel it), keep your sit straight parallel to a monitor.
  • Take breaks, do exercise, and walk. You must stand up every 1-2 hours and warm up your muscles. Move your shoulders and neck, get up and make few leans. Spend more time on a fresh air if you work at the office, walk back home or visit gym.
  • Warm up your wrists. Carpal tunnel syndrome appears after a regular using of a keyboard and mouse. It causes numbness and pain in fingers, palms and wrists. Pick up ergonomic mouse pads and warm up wrists and fingers when working.

For nutrition

Working on a project or playing video games can be extremely addictive. Sometimes we get too excited about our work that we just forget to eat. So, we usually eat junk food in front of our monitors, or eat very seldom. Here we are going to be quite laconic. Replace snacks with fruits, seeds, and nuts, have a break for a full dinner, drink more water and avoid chocolate bars.  No matter how busy you are, never forget about nutrition. You do need energy and positive emotions for enhancing your productivity.

All in all, never stop taking a break during your work at computer. Even 10 minutes of exercise and an eaten apple instead of a pack of chips can make your day happier and life longer.

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