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Share your site with Google Sites

Google Sites logo

Official Google Blog announced the launch of the Google Sites for anyone to share informationteam projects, company intranets, community groups, classrooms, clubs, family updates, etc. Google Sites was previously used exclusively as part of Google Apps for companies and organizations, on their own domains.

Now it is possible to embed documents, calendars, photos, videos and gadgets directly into those pages. Embedded objects from other applications are not currently indexed along with the contents of the site. Also, any out bound link has rel=”nofollow” on it.

Google doesn’t allow websites that have the primary purpose of redirecting visitors, acting as a bridge page, or driving traffic to another website.

Currently, Google Sites doesn’t support RSS, but this features will be added in the future. Also, at the present time Google AdSense code can not be used with Google Sites.

On this occasion was launched Google Sites Blog.

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