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Working with web pages

Choosing your favorite web pages

To have direct access to web pages that are of particular importance, without having to navigate through the pages of their websites, it is advisable to use the option “Bookmarks” in your browser. Thus, when browsing the Internet and discover an interesting page, you can add to the “Favorites”. Arrange of addresses can be done anytime with the option “Organize Favorites” (or “Show All Bookmarks”).

Keeping track of visited web pages

When you visit a site browsing the Internet, address is automatically saved in “History” in the browser.

Here can be found a history of all sites visited in the last three weeks, in alphabetical order or date order. For the current week, day record is held.

The menu features addresses from viewing by date, alphabetically or by number of hits. Also you can search the visited websites by keywords.

Saving web pages

Saving web pages allow their retention on disk for longer, so they can be accessed even without Internet connection. Saving can be done in the following ways:

  • Web Page, complete (full website): The page is fully saved with original formatting of the page.
  • Web Archive, single file (the archive page, in a single file): Web page is saved in an archive file completely. This method is not always available so if you want a full copy of the original page, it is recommend to use the first way.
  • Web Page, HTML only (web only content html): This mode saves the information as a text only page content, the original editing, but not other files (graphics, photos, sounds). The file has this way a small size and allows a better view of the text because it is the preserved original placement on the page.
  • Text File (text file): page content is saved in plain text format, thus losing the original formatting. The file takes up very little space and is used mainly for saving pages containing mostly text without special formatting.

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