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Smart writing equipment for modern students

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Being one of the main means of developing a person’s personality in social terms, education should keep pace with the times, i.e. undergo changes and innovations that meet the needs of society in this era. That is why today’s various technologies which help to make the educational process in general easier, faster, more efficient are developing so quickly. In addition to tablets, interactive whiteboards, interactive desks, which are already tightly integrated into the school life, a projector greatly facilitates the process both for students and teachers, the introduction of various gadgets that help modern students in teaching is actively developing. Today, the development of technology has come to the creation of smart writing equipment. What is it, why is it needed and what opportunities such a writing equipment gives, the experts of Pro-Papers will tell in today’s article.

Almost every student would like to be able to write something without thinking and at the same time be able to edit, share, or send it to a phone or tablet. Well, modern technology developers, taking into account the wishes of all young people living in the furious rhythm of modern life, have developed smart writing equipment such as smart electronic pen and smart electronic notebook.

Such gadgets give a lot of new opportunities to do many habitual operations in one gadget – a phone or tablet. With their help, you can easily write down by hand any notes, whether it is a lecture at the university, suddenly caught up with the muse or a regular shopping list. Having written everything by hand, the text immediately appears on the screen of your gadget, where you can edit it, send it, print it. Let’s look at the functions of these technologies in more detail.

Smart notebook and smart pen. How it works?

This notebook has the shape of a tablet. It looks like a tablet, but consists of paper. Thus, you can combine the physical pleasure of using a conventional pen with the advantages of using digital nanotechnology: sharing, editing, viewing.

But let’s start with the pen. You will need to charge the pen at least 30 minutes before you start using it and download the app. Once the pen is charged, you can turn it on, register it with the help of the app. Now you can freely use your smart notepad.

So how does it work? Your pen has an infrared camera that recognizes the tablet. Holding the camera so that it is directed to the page on which you are writing provides better text recognition. The pen understands which page you are writing at and from which tablet. So you can write freely without worrying about archiving.

There are many things you can do when your writing is digitized. Enjoy your handwritten and digital notes without having to type them. You can also search the contents of your handwritten notes as soon as they appear in your application. Tag your pages to organize and search notes easily until they are saved automatically and will appear as a drop-down menu when you add new texts to your pages. Click the “Voice” button to record your voice or any sound. It will only work if the pen is associated with an application. This will be especially useful when you take notes during lectures or meetings. If you want to listen to it again, click the “Play” button. You can also check the recording stream on the page and press x1 to increase the playback speed, and to record a voice you can listen to the voice recording.

If you take notes during important meetings, this application allows you to share them with all the people you choose in various file formats. You can also remove unwanted notes and highlight important ones with colors. If you do not have a phone at the moment, this pen will save your data in the internal memory. You can also create notepads in the app and fill them with the necessary pages.

This pen is designed to give you the feeling of using a regular pen when used. To do this, the pen even uses ink, which is easy to change by simply pressing it and pulling it out.

Such smart writing equipment finds its application both in education and in various professions and creativity. This is understandable, because using such a pen, it is easy to quickly record something in the workflow and then actively share with the rest of the team in the form of printed text. Such a notebook with a pen will become an indispensable assistant during seminars, working meetings, lectures. With regards to creativity, sometimes the notebook becomes extremely important when, for example, the poet is visited by the muse and there is a smart pen at hand. The text is written, lines are saved, they can be easily edited in the future. If such a pen is not at hand, but on the contrary, there is a tablet with an application – it does not matter. The text dictated by voice is easily converted into a document and is also ready for editing and sending. Moreover, such a conversion is possible not only in the text, but also in the notes. It is convenient for art students to work on a drawing anywhere, without fear that it will be lost or spoiled. The program will always save it in memory and then you can easily continue where you left off.

New technology such as smart writing equipment are gadgets that will not leave a single student indifferent to their multifunctionality and benefits, whatever you do. For those who prefer to write text by hand, draw, record their thoughts with the help of voice, the smart pen will become a universal assistant both in education and in the profession.

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