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Tools for enterprise social networks


BlueKiwi: a social network of French enterprise SaaS offering both internal and external workspaces (contacts outside the company), tools for innovation, task management, documentation etc. . Sharepoint Connectors, Outlook, Office and Lync, and mobile applications (Windows Phone, iPhone and Android).

Elgg: to set up a social network. It provides tools such as blogs, microblogging, file sharing, networking user profiles, management of user groups, data aggregation, and many other features.

Drupal: allows individuals and communities of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website;

Inspheris: Ergonomic software suite that delivers all the services of Intranet 2.0, enterprise social networking and professional communities;

Jamespot: a corporate social network that creates social business applications;

Knowledge Plaza: a social network of Belgian company specializing in knowledge management, the difference is its ability to finely structured information shared and re-import existing document databases (Lotus Notes, network drives, etc.);

Gladys: Collaborative platform for the extended enterprise. Federate various stakeholders, deepen customer relationships, manage their competitive intelligence, etc.

Liferay: a portal content management;

MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki, creates an editable intranet for businesses.

Google+: allows you to share information with circles, internal or external to the company. Google Plus also includes communities that can share the same interests;

Gravity: Is a collaborative platform of CSR type that integrates business organization concepts. It manages knowledge, share, exchange, co-create by being closer to the operational actors who can be internal or external to the company. The solution is open and allows the integration of business-specific software components;

Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Social network tool with a user-interface and use microblogging similar to Twitter and Facebook internally in the company. Also available with a mobility identical to that of mobile application Yammer;

Yammer: Facebook killer from Microsoft, dedicated to companies, its very similar to Facebook with a very intuitive interface, integration with SharePoint makes it a simple and effective way to network with colleagues;

YoolinkPro: Create Intranet 2.0;

Human Community: social network of French company that allows online editing and document sharing, microblogging, managing working groups and user skills;

Jive Software: collaborative and social platform for internal and external communities to the company. The solution is built on the ROI related to the use of tools related to social business in the corporate world.

eentoo: a collaborative and social SaaS platform that aims to be complete and general same time. It is characterized by its ease of use and security (AES encryption of customer data obfuscation filenames). It is published by the startup Rscollab

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