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The Useless Clock

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The clock was manufactured by a watchmaker cherished by all peers, and its fresh nickel covers glowed proudly in the light. Master had made it without any order, just for nothing … for the sake of art, but he used all the skills in finishing mechanism and it was now the most accurate clock manufactured by him. He did not want to decorate it with no stones or other ornaments to give other value than its own, so he chose steel for housing, the only concession being the nickel layer. He was proud of his success and the craftsmen guild leaders, when they saw the result of his efforts, remained impressed by the precision of the mechanism, the wonderful sound that was heard of caps which perfectly fits the chassis.

The man gave it to his eldest son, a student in a large city located a few days away from the parental home, and then, in a cold and foggy morning (as were all the mornings of autumn in their town), he died crushed under the wheels of a carriage market. A bit tipsy, the coachman did not see him, and the horses, frightened by lashes, no more had been able to avoid it …

The clock continues to accurately measure the passage of time, worn hanging from the polished chain, at the vest pocket of the young student. However, after a few weeks, in exchange for a small fee, meant to pay a debt to the card game, the clock changed the owner, and arrived at a pawn shop, then in possession of a magistrate … no luck here either, as the magistrate, quite old, died, and relatives, wanting to not dispel something of value, they buried the magistrate with the nickel clock hanging on the ceremonial vest.

So the clock manufactured with such skill and so much love reached a cold tomb, left prey to moisture and forgotten. Its mechanism worked day and night, but, unconverted, it stopped… Then, months passed, and the covers were corroded, damaged by moisture and humors specific to the place where it was left… After all, what use have a clock, being it high precision, in a tomb, where no one cares passage of time? It became just a useless clock …

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