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The Pure Smile

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She was waking up every time well after sunrise, when the warm rays break through the high windows, stroking her naked body under the fine sheets… She was beautiful, certainly not the best, but exercise a matchless attraction for all the men who saw her. She liked to be admired and responded with encouraging smiles to all who assault her with their unspoken but obvious statements. No matter they were younger or older, it was important to be as much in the procession of her admirers. She was not, by far, slut, just playing, she liked to know that she is desired by others

For some time, every morning when she was out of the house, most often just to walk around and stir the desires of men, she found on the steps of the house a lurid as a sin or white as the first snow rosebud. She searched around to find out who put it there and, on several occasions, found between the people who happen to be around one that woo her. She smiled to him and often book all day for him.

She did not notice, however, that, always next steps of his house, was a singer of balalaika, a man passed the first youth, singing heartbreaking ballads, specific to endless plains from where he was coming. His face was lit by a pure smile when he saw her passing, always accompanied by his housemaid.

Evening she was combing her tresses dark as night and call her housemaid to contrast the darkness of her loops with the pale blonde of its hair, making comparisons between his glow anthracite eyes and soft light of a blue shy eyes of housemaid. She was nasty, but not realized.

Day after day, on the steps still appeared buds of roses, and the sound of sad ballads penetrated his bedroom windows open. After a while, tired of the frivolity of her suitors, she determined to meet the clean love, decided to find out who was her knight who brings rose buds on the doorstep. She will love him, regardless of age or social status, because he proved his pure love … Because she liked sleeping, it was her endearment every morning, she put housemaid to lie in wait in the morning, before daybreak, to see who was the tireless lover.

The wait was not in vain, and she feel a slight disappointment when housemaid come and said that rosebuds are put on the doorstep by the singer of the balalaika … She asked to dress how simple, in new but modest clothes, so to not put in difficulty the unexpected suitor, and thought what he must have felt when he had seen her the arm of so many men … finally, accompanied by housemaid, out of the house and walked smiling shyly to the singer, as she had seen housemaid, and how it was not long usual.

The singer, feeling that his secret was revealed, leaned one hand balalaika, put a knee in the road dust and… smiling purely, like every morning, he grabs housemaid hands covering them with kisses. From his undone shirt dropped a golden rosebud on the edges, bordered with crimson, as no one had ever seen …

(Translated from aMorale, by Marius Cilibia)


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