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The Cold Eye

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No one knew him as it was, in reality… Those around him, those with whom he came in contact, they saw a man in his mid-age, which did not require any in stature, neither in facial features achieved by the passion of endless years of pleasures and reckless and careless. But if they had to discuss, to put to something or to resolve a conflict, no matter what kind it was, this mark of his eyes remained cold, sharp, strained through his eyelids that seemed to make no effort to open them enough, and the hardness of his voice.

All was natural, though no one had looked his behind cold eyes; there lies a sensible man, much more sensitive than it would have been better suited to be … He liked the way it was perceived by others, this shielded him by very many complications, and did not believe that this advantage will ever turn into an avatar.

However, first a woman hurt him!!! She wanted to hang him, as a trophy in her panoply.

Lack of possibilities (she was ugly, too fat for his tastes, and extraordinary malice), she turned to dirty tricks, shook his long eyelashes, cooed, invented trouble that can not overcome only with the help of him… Generous, he was just about to fall into the trap, only he was awakened on time.

Then he was in love! She was much younger, more fresh, too beautiful, with yellow hair and azure eyes, and he was enthusiastic as had never been, fell at her feet with all his heart and with all his past that others envied him. But her heart seemed chiseled in a fine, translucent ice, through you could see, but you stay away only in fear, the breath could melt it…

The cold eye of our man has failed than to toughen her heart only, so she went to sleep a bit, to close the eyes and to appease the cold light …

(Translated from aMorale, by Marius Cilibia)

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