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User-generated content

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The user-generated content refers to a set of media whose content is primarily product directly influenced by end users. It is opposed to the traditional content, sold or distributed by traditional media companies.

The term became popular during 2005 in the areas of Web 2.0 and new media. This movement reflects the democratization of the means of audiovisual production through new technologies. Among these means more and more accessible to a wider audience include digital video, blogging, podcasting, mobile telephony and Wikis.

In addition to these resources, the content generated by users also often uses free software and open source and rely on new licenses of copyright (eg Creative Commons licenses) very flexible, which greatly reduced entry barriers and facilitate collaboration between geographically dispersed individuals worldwide.

The content generated by users is also considered, by those who practice it, as a great way to improve their skills, to learn, to discover and explore new areas.

The management of this content is increasingly a source of reflection on the ownership of content created. Especially in the wake of ownership by managers of these products by more or less restrictive licenses. Some even talk of a new form of modern slavery.

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