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Adobe Integrated Runtime (Adobe AIR)

adobe-airAdobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), formerly known as Apollo, is a software engine to run software created with Adobe Flash and ActionScript without using a Web browser.

Adobe Integrated Runtime runs on the operating system and not inside a browser, such as flash VM. This is called “Rich Desktop Application” or RDA, by extension abbreviation RIA “Rich Internet Application”, which takes its name AIR (RIA backwards).

AIR 1.0 was released in March 2008.

Similarly as Java, RIA requires the prior installation of an execution engine in which the application is executed. This has the advantage therefore not having to write a single code for all platforms supported by AIR .

An AIR application can be developed with ActionScript within Flash or Flex development, or with JavaScript in the context of an AJAX application. It is of course possible to mix HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ActionScript within the same AIR application.

Adobe AIR includes the WebKit rendering engine, used by Apple, Epiphany or Google Chrome Safari browsers to render HTML / CSS and execution of JavaScript and Flash Player to run file SWF. Thereby AIR allows everything is possible with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Actionscript, but adds to these two languages some specific to this development framework features.

In these additions we retain the ability to create, edit and delete files, as well as the integration of a local database based on SQLite.

In June 2007 , Adobe abandons the name Apollo for the name AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime).

April 1, 2008, Adobe AIR is available in Alpha for Linux.

A little over three years later June 14, 2011, the development was abandoned due to insufficient increase of Linux desktop market.

October 8, 2010 Adobe publishes the mobile version of Adobe AIR on Android Market.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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