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4-Digits (4D) is a Singapore lottery. People play by choosing any number from 0000 to 9999. 23 number combinations are drawn every time. If one of the numbers match the one that the player has bought, a prize is won.

Methods of Play

Ordinary Entry

Ordinary entry refers to a specific number. Example: 1234

4-D Roll

4-D Roll refers to a bet which substitutes any one of the four digits with ‘R’. (i.e. R123, 1R23, 12R3 and 123R) where ‘R’ denotes all digits from 0 to 9. Only one digit can be substituted with ‘R’. For example, if you mark R234, you are actually buying 10 Ordinary Entries (i.e. 0234, 1234, 2234, 3234 …. 9234).

System Entry

System entry refers to a bet on all the possible permutations of a 4-D number, e.g. the number 1234 has 24 permutations (1234, 2341, 3412, 4123…).


iBet is a System Entry bet priced from $1, regardless of the number of permutations.


Quick pick refers to a bet on a random number selected by the computer.


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