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A gambling history

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Two_red_dice_01.svgThe archaeologists have discovered objects whose purpose is supposed to represent an ancient form of dice, 40 thousand years old. They are made of the ankle bones of sheep or dog called “astragal”. In Egypt, they found gambling objects dating from 3500 BC. Drawings show how Egyptians threw “knucklebone” – jumped bone of lamb or goat leg. About 2300 BC Chinese games of chance played with tiles. In ancient India, is fascinated by gambling all castes. In King’s Indian legends world is presented as a game of dice between Shiva and his wife.

The oldest known today gambling is throwing dice. According to Sophocles, they were invented by Palamedes Gentile during the siege of Troy. Herodotus tells us that the dice are used by magicians and priests for divination. In ancient Greeks believed them to be a symbol of aesthetics and for this purpose are made of bronze dice, onyx, alabaster cow horn, marble or ivory.

In ancient Rome, Claudius attuned his chariot structure so that it has a place to throw the dice. Caligula even afford to confiscate the property of the Knights in order to cover its debts. According to the Bible, the Roman soldiers unfolded garments after the crucifixion of Christ on the cross.

American Indians believed that games of chance were invented by the gods. They believed that the sides of the flat stones painted in white or black, can predict the fertility of the crops and the future of seriously ill members of the tribe.

Bets save money, property, slaves had quite exotic and strange character. Italian gondoliers bet years of his life, the Indians paid their debts like a cut finger or sacrificed their lives for the sake of the gods, and in China even bet his ears.

The dice were replaced by another game – tape measure. It is also known by the French yard or play “roles-poly” in England, but conquered the world later. Originally casinos in Europe is used as a hall for music and dancing. The bourgeoisie, however, needs entertainment venues. To spend their money on flashy nouveau riche mounted machine gambling halls, which entertained. The famous casino in Monte Carlo was founded in 1861

In the U.S., George Washington bought tickets for the first federal lottery, which started in 1793 and aims to be financially sponsored the development of the new state. In 1830, the U.S. had more than 420 types of lotteries. To escape the Great Depression in 1931, the residents of Nevada gained obtaining authorization for legal gambling in Las Vegas.

Translated and adapted by Nicolae Sfetcu from the Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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