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A virtual romance

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A virtual romanceKaren has 15 years old, she is from South Africa and lives with her parents in Dubai. The other girl is from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and uses on Internet a boy name, Kevin.

They become friends on Internet and, after a while, Kevin reveals to Karen that she is a girl, in fact. They become closer friends, and Karen decided to come in Romania with her mother to meet the Romanian girl.

It was a surprise for the parents of both girls. After some days spent together, when Karen and her parents had to go back in Dubai, on January 15th, the two girls have disappeared. They gave no sign during two days. Than they called from Bucharest, about 500 km away from Cluj, because they spent all their money and decided to come back.

But the love of two girls is more powerful than the opposition of their parents. The girls hope that there will be no more problems if one of them will change the sex.

Karen and her mother will go back in Dubai, soon. But the girls decided to go on their friendship on Internet, and they will decide what to do next.

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