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Advertising chain: Advertisers

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In addition to advertisers, agencies and the “consumers” of advertising, various actors are involved as pollsters to refine, via market market research, understanding the market, to confirm the position of the product and test the effectiveness of advertising being finalized. Investing huge sums sometimes encourages them to ensure the adequacy and perception of the advertisement prior to its release.

Typically, implementation of advertising spots is the domain of production companies who make the movies, printing posters and flyers, etc.


The advertiser, in advertising language, refers to the company seeking to promote its product. The analysis of advertising spending per advertiser brings up a very concentrated distribution.

The vast majority of advertisers are businesses seeking to increase the brand awareness and sales of their products, but advertising is also used to raise funds to finance the activities of charities, museums and other cultural institutions to increase their attendance.

It also serves to governments to promote difficult themes that media is reporting little or poor, road protection, promotion of heritage, promotion of equality between men and women, etc. Less visible to the public, the industry and service companies that sell to other companies, have also need to promote and ensure the competitive advantage they have to know their customers. This is the purpose of the so-called “business to business” advertising.

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