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Advertising agencies

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719018An advertising agency is responsible for guiding any business, community, association, in the development of its internal and external communication: internally to unite employees to company goals; external “to promote the image” of the company within the public, external partners, suppliers, etc.

Advertising market

Globally, in 2012 the main advertising agencies are, in decreasing order of revenue:

Rank Agency Headquarters Turnover (in $ billions)
1 WPP Londres 16 459
2 Omnicom New York 14 219
3 Publicis Paris 8 494
4 Interpublic New York 6 956
5 Dentsu Tokyo 6 390
6 Havas Puteaux 2 287
7 Hakuhodo Tokyo 2 184
8 Alliance Data Irvine 1 223
9 MDC Partners New York 1 071
10 Experian New York 947

Comprehensive support

Global advertising agencies support all the communication needs of a company through five main areas in the field of communication:

  • communication audit, consultancy (with recommendation of shares);
  • global communication (commercial (or product) communication, corporate communications, brand communications, event communications, corporate and financial communications);
  • graphic studio (visual design, special effects, editing and processing image, shooting, object, label, Virtual Intelligence, etc.)
  • Internet (creation of dynamic website showcase, e -commerce)
  • multimedia (e- card, CDrom)

Media model

Finally, it is to distinguish “media” communication campaigns fulfilled by the creative advertising agencies (media messages for Press, TV, Display, Radio, Cinema or Internet) and “non-media” communication devices used by operational communication agencies that create and deploy operations “on the ground” ( in direct contact with the public or consumers).

The overall communication model opposes the specialized agencies (including marketing services).

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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