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Neo-Confucianism is a Far Eastern philosophical current that took off under the Chinese Song dynasty and became the official version of Confucianism from the 14th century until the very beginning of the 20th century, despite competition from the Hanxian current … Read More

Buzz marketing

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Electronic word of mouth Goals: Develop the visibility Improve the notoriety Increase sales Communicate quickly The concept New media, new way of buying, consuming and informing, the surge web has also changed the way companies communicate. The possibilities offered by … Read More


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Monism is the philosophical position which affirms the indivisible unity of being. In its modern expression, it supports the uniqueness of the substance that makes up the universe. The fundamental unity of the cosmos or the universe makes matter and … Read More

Modal logic

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In mathematical logic, modal logic is a type of formal logic that extends propositional logic, first-order logic, or higher-order logic with modalities. A specific modality of the qualities of truth. For example, a proposition like “it’s raining” can be preceded … Read More

Authenticity in art

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Authenticity in art means a genuine, unadulterated art. Authentication is the separation of the genuine from the false, the separation of the unadulterated from the forged. Authenticity in art is close to the concepts of “real,” “originality”. Usually, the meaning of authenticity remains unclear unless it is known … Read More

Book printing

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Printing is a set of techniques allowing the reproduction in large quantities, on material support, of writings and illustrations, in order to allow mass distribution. Generally, flat supports are used and the most used material is paper or textile. These … Read More

Retributive justice

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Retributive justice or retributionism is a theory of justice – and more specifically a theory of punishment – that holds that proportional retribution is a morally acceptable response to the offense or crime, regardless of whether or not this measure … Read More

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