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At the barbershop

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A guy put his head on the door of the barber shop and asks the barber how long he should wait until he is trimming.

Being a very busy day, barber looks around and says: “about two hours” and the guy goes quickly.

A few days later the same guy walks into the barber shop and asks again how will wait till may be trimmed. Being a busy day again, barber looks around and says: “about three hours”, the guy close the door and leave.

A few days later the same man comes in and asks barber how long to waut to be trimmed. Barber looks around and says “about a half hour.” The guy returns and rushed out of the barbershop.

Barber already curious, asks the disciple John: “John go a bit after him, because he came several times and asks how long it takes till will be trimmed, but never returns.”

John goes quickly from the man. In half an hour he returns laughing. The barber asks: “Well, where he goes after this guy is out of here? …. “

John knees ….. laughing, tears in eyes, red-faced, looked at the barber and replies: “AT YOUR HOME!”.

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