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Card game rules

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A card game is a game in which playing cards are essential part of the game rules. The great variety of card games results from different combinations often fundamentally similar card game rules, games from different locations and using different cards. Overviews of these card games are often aligned with one of these criteria, or at the origin (region) of the game.

Puritan circles regarding the card game viewed it till the 20th Century as “prayer book of the devil” in order to illustrate the dangers of gambling and also of idleness.

General rules

Regardless of the individual rules of each game, there are a number of properties that have all of the cards together. So, it is – at least for very formal game – the method used for triggering of seats or partnerships, that is also used to determine who is the first player.

Before each game, the cards are shuffled and then lifted.

Players may only start their cards when giving is completed. The cards are usually kept hidden, so that each player knows their own cards only.

The order of play is handled very differently in each game. Today is played mostly clockwise, especially older games and games of Italo-Spanish origin. However, the games played against the clock in tarot or baccarat. Canasta is in Latin America, Spain and Portugal in the counterclockwise direction, while in Anglo America, the UK and most continental European countries, the game is played clockwise.

If the individual rules say nothing else, in a game played in a clockwise direction the player left of the dealer begins (called forehand) the game – this is not the rule in bridge, where the encoder opens the bidding.

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