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Gin Rummy

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Gin Rummy, or just Gin, is a card game for two people, which was invented in 1909 by Elwood T. Baker from Knickerbocker Whist Club in New York in the 1940s. Hollywood discovered the game Gin Rummy and quickly found widespread use.

Rummy is the name derived from one part of rum to drink as often was played – as can be seen as well from the name Rummy is – on the other rummy translates as strange.

From the Mexican card game Conquian, which is regarded as a forefather of the Rummy games, a now rarely played poker variant developed, called rum or rum rummy or poker poker, just a rather “weird” category. Now it was playing a poker variant called whiskey, and so Mr Baker named his game after drink gin “in order to keep the liquor in the family”.

The game Gin Rummy is the focus of DL Coburn’s two-person play, The Gin Game, which was best known for the performances on Broadway with Jessica Tandy and her husband Hume Cronyn.


Gin Rummy is played in many different variants, addressing the most common differences:

  • the premiums undercut, gin, boxes and shutout,
  • who are the cards
  • whether the ace may be invested in a sequence to the king, or whether – even further – sequences KA-2 (Round the Corner gin) should be allowed, and
  • whether you can create unusable tickets to a gin-sheet.

These questions should be clarified before beginning a game.

A variation of the classic Gin Rummy is Oklahoma Gin, while both players receive ten cards, the next card will be added and the value of this card determines the limit for knocking: is about revealing a seven, then we can only knock with seven points or less , mostly beyond will be necessary that the game with an ace may be terminated only with gin.

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    Hi, Nicolae, here is a Tutorial of Gin-Rummy rules and strategies – a guide for advanced amateur gin players – to help your Gin-Rummy players. Learn how to play Gin-Rummy and win

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