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Casino tokens

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A casino chip is a way of payment commonly used in casinos to play games of chance, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

These chips are generally circular plates, sometimes rectangular, replacing the money in cash games in a casino, for reasons of safety and space (large sums are replaced by a single token).

Casino chips have such advantages that their use was systematized and that their production was industrialized. Formerly reserved for enthusiasts, clubs and casinos, they are now part of the current panoply of the games.

The types of chips

Different types of tokens are used:

Clay tokens  (Clay tokens, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jetons_en_argile.jpg)

  • Plastic chips are the most common. Often inexpensive, available, they serve but are generally reserved for beginners, held as “too common”, their price is usually three to four cents per token. However, some plastic chips (Bud Jones, Bourgogne and Grasset) are used in many casinos and are of excellent quality.
  • Clay chips are also among the most common chips. Very pleasant to the touch, they are also customizable. Thus, one can score a nominal or get hit its logo. The price of these chips is usually € 1.20 but can reach, for the few versions, 5 € the token.
  • Composite tokens (ABS) are common. Although heavier than other chips, their composition (plastic coated metal) gives them a special strength. These are the most economical, high quality and low price (0.12 € token).
  • Mixed chip with a metal insert (coin inlay chips) offer mostly around a clay and a coin-shaped center with the designation of the value therein engraved.
  • Ceramic chips have a great advantage, that of personalization. There are many companies that create sets of tokens to the request from vectorized files or simple matrix (jpg, png). They have the further advantage of being pleasant to the touch. The “smooth” types even more. It takes approximately 170 to € 220 for a box of 300 chips.
  • Casinos chips are rare but can be bought, often at high prices because some of them can be marked to avoid infringement (such as tickets) or, on request, have the RFID system mark and identify the chips.

There are also names for the sets of tokens (Dices, or Suited, for instance), independent of the material (usually clay or composite). It correspond to dice or cards engraved on the token itself.


The size of a chip is relatively standard. With few exceptions (to the millimeter) it is composed as follows:

  • 39 mm diameter
  • 3.4 mm high

The weight generally varies between 10 and 13.5 g. Most often, it will be 11.5 g for composite and casino versions. The burdened versions of composites (Double Dices or Double Suit) and corner-inlay will be heavier (13.5 g). As for ceramics, they will approach the clay (10 g).

Color chips

Poker chips  (Casino chip case)

These values are for reference, but you can modify the values to play with friends depending on the number of chips you have.

  • The standard chip set uses five or eight colors (five standard colors are delivered in standard poker cases):
    • White or Gray: € 1
    • Red: 5 € (or 25 €)
    • Blue: 10 € or 50 € (the token is not a poker chip, in principle, but it can be used for € 10 or € 50)
    • Green: 25 €
    • Black: 100 €
  • Three additional values (you can buy especially as “refills”):
    • Violet: 500 €
    • Yellow: € 1,000
    • Orange: € 5,000

Values are given in euros, but a white token can also be worth $ 1 or £ 1 and a green chip can be worth $ 25 or £ 25.

The five colors of the most common tokens are: white, red, blue, green and black. The color is changing depending on casinos and clubs, but admits the standard of Bellagio,

The token game of Bellagio is the most complete:

  • Light blue with orange stripes: $ 0.01
  • Purple with white stripes: $ 0.05
  • Orange with blue stripes: $ 0.10
  • Gray with white stripes: $ 0.25
  • Yellow with blue stripes: $ 0.50
  • White with blue stripes: $ 1
  • Red with white stripes: $ 5
  • Green with white stripes: $ 25
  • Black with white stripes: $ 100
  • Red with yellow stripes: $ 500
  • Orange with white stripes: $ 1,000
  • Pink Stripe: $ 5,000
  • Light blue with red stripes: $ 10,000
  • blue with white stripes: $ 25,000
  • Purple with yellow stripes: $ 100,000
  • Purple with orange stripes: $ 500,000
  • Blue with orange stripes: $ 1,000,000

Number of chips

The amount of chips necessary for a poker game depends on the number of players at the table and practiced alternative. The chips are usually sold in sets of 100 to 1000 pieces.

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