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Kuala Lumpur cenotaph, National Monument(Kuala Lumpur cenotaph, National Monument, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KL_Cenotaph.jpg)

Cenotaph – from the Greek κενοτάφιον: kenos (empty) and taphos (tomb) – is a monument that contains no body, erected to the memory of a person or group of persons, whose shape is reminiscent a tomb.

Many cenotaphs were erected in the world since ancient times. Cenotaph does not contain the body of the deceased, unlike the mausoleum. It aims to keep the memory of a person or disappeared community, whose body has not been found or identified, or can not be repatriated or buried in another place. The Memorial that can be seen in most towns and villages is a cenotaph.

Famous cenotaphs

  • The cenotaph of Dante Alighieri in the Santa Croce Basilica in Florence, Dante was buried in Ravenna.

  • Whitehall Cenotaph at the Westminster in London

  • The Pantheon in Paris contains some cenotaphs including that of Jean Moulin

  • Sherbrooke War Memorial

  • The Pyramid of Ahmose at Abydos

  • Ottawa War Memorial

  • Saint Louis Cenotaph at Carthage National Museum

  • Cenotaph project for Newton by Étienne-Louis Boullée, 1784.

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