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Christmas baubles

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Christmas baubles

A Christmas bauble is a ball-shaped Christmas decoration, which clings to the branches of the fir trees installed during Christmas.

În 1521, the first written mention of a Christmas tree is registered on a municipal register of the city of Selestat, Alsace. Since the sixteenth century, Christmas trees were decorated in Germany with flowers and fruit, especially apples. In 1847 a Lauscha glassblower had the idea, to please his children, to imitate in glass the golden hazelnuts that it was the custom of hanging on the branches of the trees for Christmas. He had created a tradition that will spread worldwide and still endures.

There are also plastic, wood, papier mache, styrofoam or sequins Christmas baubles. New rather high tech baubles are appearing on the market. Today, there are many baubles with Led requiring in return cells or batteries. More recently, are developing Christmas baubles functioning by induction . The energy input supplied to the bauble is transmitted by an induction circle placed around the tree trunk, and batteries are therefore obsolete and the baubles are controlled by Wifi directly on the smartphone.

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