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Double Hold’em


Double Hold’em is substantially closely identical to the traditional Texas hold’em variant: the dealer (or the croupier) does not form a line, but two lines of five community cards. It proceeds in the same way as when in classic Texas is “burning” a card before the double flop, then another one before double-turn, and finally another one before double-river.

For the rest, the player always gets two hole cards with which he will try to have the best game using 0, 1 or 2 cards from his hand, combined to five cards of the first line, then to five of the second.

In classic Texas Hold’em it is possible, in some cash games (real money), to pass only double flop. Two players (or more) before the flop can decide to draw two flops (and turn and river). The pot is divided in two and a half geso to the winner of the shot of the first 5 cards and the second half goes to the player who wins the draw after the other 5 cards. This minimizes the chances of losing everything, since only chance decides the fate of the players.

Pot distribution

The betting rounds follow one another, in the same way as Texas Hold’em classic, and during showdown the rules are:

Each line account for half the pot. Each line wins are independent, and showdown is as for classic hold’em.

Note: If a player wins both lines, it is said he made a “scoop”.

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