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e-Commerce glossary – A

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e-Commerce glossary

Acquiring Processor: The processor provides credit card through which are processing, invoicing, reporting and establishing operational services of the buyer. Many financial institutions employ a third party, most efficient in terms of costs, to process credit cards.

Arbitration: The procedure used to determine responsibility for the dispute over the charge-back between two members.

Authorization Approval Card: Numeric code assigned by the issuer, given to the sale transactions as verification that the sale was authorized. Authorization code is always included in the document for the sale of goods.

Authorization Center: A First Data department that communicates the merchant requests for authorization of electronic transactions on the credit card at the credit holder bank, and thus transmits the authorization to the merchant, electronically or by voice.

Auto Representment: Payment task (unapproved credit, unauthorized transactions, etc) which was automatically solved in FDC in the name of the trader, without his knowledge or intervention.

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