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Economy of Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania

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The development of the town as well as the prosperity of its inhabitants is due to the setting up of the port (1851) and of the ship repair shop (1858) which was the first in our country and became the centre of the future shipyard which was to become the most important one in the 1914 Romania and one of the most significant shipyards on the Danube.

portThe port

In recognition of the importance of the port and of the economic development of the town, Prince Cuza establishes here the first commercial circumscription (1863).

Being close to the Iron Gates Canal and to the Bucuresti – Craiova – Timisoara railway, the port and the town of Severin become a powerful transit communication junction as it is the place where ship convoys are organized up-stream and downstream on the Danube.

1882 is the year when the Romanian railway and Depot make their appearance. They are followed by the mills erected on the bank of the Danube (such as ,,Moara de Foc” in 1876) and by the Beer Factory (1856-1858), as well as the Alcohol Factory at Banovita.

After 1900, the Candy Factory (1902), the Slaughterhouse, the Tanning House of the Damianoff Brothers (1906), the Bakery and the Dairy Products Factory are also erected.

aurora,,Aurora” Bakery

After I960, the town economy grows richer when the Wood Processing Plant complex, the Cellulose and Paper Mill as well as the Heavy Water Plant (ROMAG) and a thermo-electric power station are also built, during the last decades of the last century.

termoThe thermo-electric power station ROMAG – TERMO


The economic development also included the coming into being of some banking institutions such as a branch of the Romanian National Bank (1899), the Bank of Severin (1904) and the Commercial Bank.

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