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Elements of a successful presence on the Internet

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What are the defining elements of a successful Internet presence? And how much will it cost me? These are the most common questions for a beginner in the world of electronic marketing. Below you will find a small guide, accompanied by some price estimates.

Domain names

This means that your web address to be in the form www.nume.com. Of course, shorter the better, but try to be sure this name is something meaningful for your website. Try doing this name to sound distinctive and easy to remember. For example, our company chose the site name www.multimedia.com.ro, a characteristic of our presence on the Internet.

A domain name can be registered from an approved registrar. A list of these companies can be found with any search engine for the keywords ” name + domain + registrar.” The cost of such domain varies between 10 and $ 35 U.S. per year, according to the registrar, the method of payment chosen, the number of years that is buying, etc..

For the costs of hosting you have several options. The choice depends on the size and content of the site. In some cases you can opt for free hosting, as long as you do not mind the host advertisements included in your page or absence of additional services. At the other extreme is the complete package including electronic commerce that can reach several hundred dollars per month. Otherwise, average service packages cost is between 10-50 $ per month to a good provider.


First impressions matter more on the web than in other media. In real life, you can disclose in time the multifaceted character. You have small weaknesses offset by some qualities. A smile can also alleviate a difficult situation. On the Internet, once the visitor has left the site, you can not give her phone to convince him to give you a second chance.

It is not necessary nor recommended to use a lot of images, colorful and animated. Would you go to a job interview wearing a pair of orange shorts and wearing a Hawaiian shirt with 12 to 13 colors, and a neon lamp extinguished and lit just above your head, and all this while singing a song of the Madonna? Of course not! Then do not take this behavior for your website.

If you hire some professionals to draw the site, you expect a starting cost of about U.S. $5 to several hundred U.S. $ for a page. A complete website can cost minimum U.S. $100 , reaching U.S. $2,000, the cost dependinging on the complexity.


We all know that millions of people even at the present moment browse the Internet. Many of them are just looking for the product that you sell. Opportunity exists. But … they will not come to visit your site if you do not call!

Advertise! Register to search engines, purchase or exchange advertising, start online and off-linepromotions, offers visitors something of value, etc.

Commonly, search engines submission is free, but if you want to position yourself in the top 20 results for certain keywords, you will need to hire some professionals. That’s because if you’re listed as the 1,638 th site for the product you sell, you will not sell anything.

Visitors interest

Statistics have shown that most people need to see an ad on average 7 times before deciding to make a purchase. For this, you need visitors to return often to your website. You need to install some traffic generators for your website, for example, valuable information unavailable elsewhere, free offers, free software, free ads, free postcards etc.

The most useful way is to persuade visitors to subscribe to a newsletter published by you. This way, your editorials repeatedly will get in front of potential clients. Remember that publishing a newsletter is a service that you provide to visitors. You must give them a reason to subscribe and also a reason to stay subscribed below. One thing you must beware, do not send spam! The results can be disastrous.

For example, advertising in a publication with a small number of subscribers but with a specific theme, can cost very little.

The cost of implementing these traffic generators is reduced. In many cases, the only expense is the time. In others, you have to think of additional income to cover costs, such as the sale of advertising in newsletter.

All these suggestions are very general. If indeed you have decided to develop a web site will have to do more detailed research before investing money. The most reasonable beginning is to make a visit to search engines and investigate the sites of several companies that have related fields.

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