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Methods for the investigation of the needs


Internet grows daily. A growing number of users investigate the possibility to open a business on the Internet. Those with big budgets can afford thousands of dollars to buy information and do serious research before they launch into an online enterprise.
 However, most small businesses do not have much money and most of all prefer to use free resources. If you are in this second category, here’s what I suggest … You need a very popular product for a higher or lower segment of users. It’s a choice very important to your business success. Start from personal experience. What you need and do not find on the Internet? There are definitely other users looking for the same thing. The product should be easily accessible for consumers and has to be sold at a reasonable price (usually prices for products sold in a website are less than those sold in traditional stores). Anyway, not all the products can be sold over the Internet.
 I’ll give an example that is in my handy: an electronic book can be taken by a simple click, can be produced very easily (virtually no production costs if you use a free software), and therefore can be sold at a very low price (leave aside the situation where such books are free to promote other products or services).

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