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Direct marketing techniques in advertising announcements

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advertising announcements

To define what constitutes a good advertisement, we start with what is not a good advertisement:

  • It is not created for the sake of being creative.
  • It is not designed to be pleasedof the copywriter, artistic directors, presidents of agencies or even clients.
  • Its main purpose is to amuse / entertain, win prizes or to cry to the reader: “I’m an announcement. Don’t you admire the beautiful writing, graphic and concept?”

In other words, a bad advertisement ignores almost everything you learn in any course of advertising!

How then to show a good advertisement? Here are some features:

A good ad seek benefit. Main proposition that sales does not tobe hiddenwisely, but should be made clear from the start. For example: “How to win money online?”

It arouses curiosity and invites you to read it. The idea is not to be outrageous in what you say, but to refer to the interests and concerns of your largertarget audience. For example: “Do you make these mistakes in business?” – Refers to the reader’s desire to avoid embarrassing situations and do sucessful business.

A good ad provides information. Prospective buyers looking for information for a number of highly specialized problems. Ads that offer information needed by people bring a great deal of readers and more responsive.

Talk to readers. No need to be a professional to write such ads. You have to know very well the product, the audience and what interest to it. These things are more important than copywriting techniques or style.

You need to be well informed. A successful ad reflects a high level of knowledge and understanding of the product, and the problem solved by the product. An effective technique is to tell the reader something he already knows, something to prove that you, who have given notice, you are versed in the field.

  • Opposite style used by many “professional” agencies with less efficiency,  is to reduce everything to the simplest common denominator, assuming that the reader is completely ignorant. But this may insult the intelligence of the reader and destroy the credibility of the company and the product.

Must have a strong free offer. Good ads contain a strong offer. They tell the reader what the next step in the buying process and encourages him to buy the product immediately.

  • All ads should have an offer because it generates immediate response from the people who will be ready to buy the product on the spot, or at least think to buy it. Without such an offer, these potential buyers are encouraged and thus you lose.
  • In addition, all powerful ads lead to increased readership because people like ads that offer something – especially if that something is free and has a high perceived value.
  • Advertising image creators may object: “But we do not destroy the image by doing this? After all, we want recognition, not answer.” But how could providing gratuities to lose the rest of the ad? This does not happen, of course. The whole concept that you can not pull together a response and communicate a message is absurd and unfounded.

A successful ad should be designed to highlight the offer. Using graphical techniques can make your ads attractive and oriented response, increasing the number of readers.

  • Why? When readers see an ad with an indirect answer, they know it’s just an announcement of the kind that remind you and so do not read it. But an announcement with graphics like an answer, seems to tell them: “Stop! This is a notice that you have to answer! Read it to find out what we offer. Submit coupon – because to receive the product now!”

The advertisement must be clearly shown. Advertising should not use art or abstract concepts to put the reader in the position of having to decipher for himrself what is selling. Ideally is that he understand exactly your proposal in five seconds.

  • Someone may object: “Wait a minute. We have described the features that you should have an announcement with direct answer. But advertising in general is it different?”
  • It may. But one of the ways to make us more effective advertising is precisely this: to write and draw an announcement of this type. Direct marketing techniques are virtually guarantees you that your advertising will be better read – and will bring you more replies.
  • All a marketer should do is the direct response. Those who say otherwise are generally ineffective artists, more interested in appearances than results.

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