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Marketing plan

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Marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan is one of the most important steps in developing a business. Often, however, the entrepreneurs do not bother with this problem, considering it as a mere bureaucratic issue. However good planning ensure 90% of business success.

Consider this plan as a road map that the company has to go through. Such a plan is also necessary to encapsulate the overall business plan to get funding from banks or investment funds, that will not pay attention if you have not done the homework conscientiously. Financiers tend to say something like “Plan your work and work your plan.

Here are items that need to be taken into account when doing mareketing plan:

  • Executive summary
    A brief description of the elements that will be detailed in the content of the plan.
  • Content
    It should look exactly like a book (based on chapters), so they can be easily tracked the content of the business plan.
  • Company
    General information about the company / organization / purpose / history / tasks / profit
  • Products and services
    List of goods and services offered for sale
  • Marketing
    A marketing schedule including promotion resources to be used: what, where, when, how.
  • Competition
    A complete assessment of competitors and how you intend to differentiate them.
  • Disadvantages
    What problems do you encounter and how you intend to fix them.
  • Financing
    What are the daily costs and total costs of business operation
  • Terms
    Describe the company’s evolution in time, set tasks and deadlines for their completion.

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