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Increasing sales through catalogs

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For a catalogof quality by which to increase sales and profits, you need to follow some basic guidelines:

  • general image of the catalogto be consistent with the products sold and the target group which will address
  • pictures and drawings to be clear and large enough to be identified the characteristics
  • decision on product positioning in the catalogand the space allocated for it is based on the contribution to the total sales of that product
  • cataloghave included content and/or index
  • new products or products with discounts have to be highlighted
  • products must be clearly described, to provide accurate information, describe the benefits and demonstrate the possibility of saving.

Besides using quality images of clear messages and good organization of the catalog, there are several ways to increase sales:

  1. Include samples of products. There are two advantages. First, tri-dimensional mails were more likely to be read in comparison with flat envelopes, this especially on a large amount of direct referrals as getting people or organizations in countries where it is widely used method of sale. Second buyers like to play with samples and thus remain longer at their fingertips.
  2. List your clients Include a list of companies that have bought from you. Such a list impress clients who think they will not make the wrong decision buying products as long as there are many others who do.
  3. Include an order form or a coupon. Completion of this must be easy. Provide enough space to complete the required data. Integrate it into the catalog so you can not miss. If products can not be ordered by mail include a sheet of the buyer. There will be offered information on firm size, number of hours of use of a product, etc). Based on this information, you can identify which products the customer needs and you can tell him how they will cost.
  4. Provides information for use by customers and various suggestions for use (e.g. recipes using some kitchen appliance, etc.)
  5. Include a letter to customers from the company leader in this catalog, to explain its organization, to present your company philosophy, to draw attention to new products

Of course, it is not necessary to use all these methods in a catalog. Depending on the image you want to project, you can select those that are consistent with your purpose.

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