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Affiliate programs

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Affiliate programs

One of the most effective ways to stimulate sales on the Internet consists of granting a commission for sales made by third parties.

Many web developers or webmasters who are looking to achieve regular income from their web sites ask this question. The association allows website owners or administrators of other sites to get some profit. One such program provides the tools to promote the Internet and monitor the traffic.

We will use the example of a website X that has implemented an affiliate program, to illustrate how the system of association works:

Let’s say a site administrator visit another site that offers its services and in addition the services of the site X, to which is associated. If these services are complementary activities that it provides himself, and thought it might be useful to its visitors, he decides to become in turn associated. Say Web site is subject learning HTML.

The administrator will then complete the online application form or request details via email. With the approval of the association to X, he will receive a unique HTML code that will use on his Web site to direct visitors to associate services. With this code you can track sales made to associate.

Administrator will place banners, buttons or links in the form of text on his website. For any visitor will click on one of these links and buys a product from X, he would receive a commission of 10% (for ex.) from the value of the purchased product.

Commissions will accumulate in the account of the partner administrator until they reach the minimum amount established for issuing checks (eg $ 25). Cheques are sent to associates regularly, monthly or quarterly.

There are 2 main types of association:

  • click-throught: it pays a fixed amount (eg $ 0.10) for a click on the banner by which the visitor reaches the sponsor’s website, or impression
  • affiliation: is a program that pays a commission on sales, the same as described above

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