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Using the business card as a marketing tool

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  • carte de vizitaAlways have business cards on you

  • Give business cards in public places (libraries, banks, shops, etc.)

  • Display business cards in places that allow it (some stores have special places for display, at universities, in libraries, etc..)

  • Provide business cards at parties or receptions take part

  • When you send a letter to someone add a business card as well

  • When paying bills, payment with order, add a business card as well

  • Exchange business cards with everyone you meet, including friends

  • Subscribe to various clubs, organizations and associations and make sure that all members receive your business card

  • Make sure that all family members have business cards that can give when needed

  • When you are dealing with a satisfied customer give them more cards and ask him to give to other interested

  • Use the business card as advertising in all publications that publish free ads

  • Business card has to be interesting and include all relevant information

  • Let the business cards to the doctor, dentist, mechanic, hairdresser or barber, fitness, etc.

  • Pass the information on the business card to the end of each e-mail that you write.

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