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Link strategy

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Link strategy

If a site sells a complementary product to a product supplied by another site, the two can agree to send each other discount coupons to drive people. This can be done in many ways: the mention of site and get a discount; buying on this site and get a discount on other sites, etc.

You must have a daily plan to build more traffic to your website. The more traffic you have, the better will be for your business… To develop a major traffic to your website you will need to use several means of e-marketing. The first of the tools is represented by search engines. Many sites are receiving over 95% of traffic from search engines. Perhaps the percentage is so high because many people did not find another way to promote their business on the Internet.

An important technique for promotion is to have multiple links in other sites to your website. It is important to be well positioned in the major search engines, but not only. Well placed links generate sometimes more traffic than search engines.

Most sites will mot post a link to you just because you’re asking. They will do so only if they believe your site is useful and interesting, or if they get mutual benefit for them.

You do not have to be afraid that by recommending links on your website you lose people visiting the site. They come and go. You can not change this fact. If the content of the site is attractive, they will stay and will come back another time. But these links will give you more traffic than you will lose as a result of published recommendations.

Ideal is to determine the daily creation of a minimum number of links from other websites to your website. If you follow this advice there will be not so much time until you will have a large number of recommendations and a steady stream of visitors coming from them.

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