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Methods and techniques of collecting and analyzing information in marketing research

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Planning online business

Planning online business

Planning is the process by which a series of online communication options are selected which allow the unitary achievement of the purpose and objectives of the web site. Therefore, the first step in designing web development plan is to define the audience, setting goals and objectives, gathering and maintaining information to be included in the site.

On the other hand, we have to evaluate the human and financial resources that will be needed for the construction, development and maintenance of the site.

To plan a successful Internet business …

Key Practices:

  • Spend some time thinking about how you show your business online before undertaking anything.
  • Plan to find the necessary resources (human, financial and informational) to achieve site.
  • Set out how it will be accumulating the necessary information, the development, presentation and maintenance of the site, both from the point of view of the developer as well as user.

Key resources:

  • A list of web hosting providers: Study offers to find the best option in report of quality price, providing the necessary support for the establishment and functioning website.
  • List of resources for getting web programs: describing software and scripts required for the development and maintenance of the site, including the type of web server, perl scripts, appropriate databases, etc.
  • Collection of useful articles to avoid the most common mistakes that beginners make in online business planning and development: eg. 10 ways to get on top WWW service that you have launched

Planning elements:

  • audience
  • purpose
  • objectives
  • categories of information
  • design
  • Web specifications
  • implementation

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