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Marketing policy

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Marketing policy

On the Internet is also present the snobbery: many companies build Web sites only because their competitors have also web sites! When using an Internet marketing strategy, must consider several important factors in deciding where and how to apply it.

  • Geographical presence and company revenues: Internet (especially the Web) is more effective when selling services or products addressing a specific national or international market segment, and has less importance for local businesses.
  • Market segment: Using the traditional means, it is extremely difficult and costly to achieve an optimal level of marketing activity. Used correctly, the Internet with its applications in electronic commerce requires a negligible cost for a simple presence. Basically, one can consider the Internet as a market segment with “zero-cost.” Whether you contact all consumers from the Internet or a specific industry, the cost of your message is the same.
  • Interactivity and control: The web allows you to convert ideas graphically. Like television, the Web allows the use of film, animation and sound. But the Internet has an additional advantage: it allows consumers interaction and direct control of information flow received beyond the stage of passive receiver. This has two immediate implications: an increase in the potential responses of users and therefore more efficient marketing program, and a faster feedback to your message which allows an accurate measurement of the performance of your marketing.
  • Permanence of message: Internet allows permanent record of your message by the user, unlike television and radio.
  • Demographic measurements: If it is important for you to know the demographic of users, the interaction possibilities of the Internet to collect data will help you much more than if conventional means.
  • Branding: Involving the Internet in your company’s marketing strategy will create a favorable image in certain business environments.
  • Equal access: If you represent a relatively small company, the presence on the Internet will help you attract, in your marketing campaign, the most demanding companies. With the Internet, you have the same opportunities as your competitors.
  • Personalized marketing: On the Internet you can individualize messages to consumers. Virtually every visitor can enjoy his own message depending on the navigation options and filled forms.
  • Find and buy: Instead of searching your beneficiaries on the Internet they will be those who will seek you: the specific search engines, hyperlinks, references published on-line, etc.. Of course, provided you do your easy work to be found, and to give to your potential client the motivation to visit you on the Internet.

When should you start?

Many companies are looking, to launch their presence on the Internet, some programs, known software developers, and Internet-specific strategies, or some time considered optimal. But the time for maximum exposure opportunity is NOW.

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