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Choosing an affiliate program

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affiliate program

One of the great discoveries of the Internet is the affiliate system in selling products and/or services. Great network associates develop into an unprecedented rate. He reached even a level that has a major impact on the classical system of sales and reduces the intermediaries between producers and buyers – the dealers.

Decision criteria in choosing an affiliate program:

  • Look for companies that offer affiliate programs that target the same audience as your site. For example, if you have a site about dogs then find programs that provide food for animals; might be an online pet shop that offers a percentage of sales, or a company that sells dog collars with their names. By choosing affiliates whose products match your site’s user interests, it is possible to increase sales volume and thus get higher commissions.
  • Make a comparison between affiliate programs offered by several companies in competition. When there are several competing excellent opportunities offered by smaller companies, larger firms tend to improve the system of commissions to their affiliates. Analyze the program before deciding membership. If a company sells competitive products such as CDs and offers a commission of 80%, it means that something is wrong. Always compare the fees offered by the competing companies.
  • Another criterion would be how to make payments: monthly or quarterly? Or must reach a certain level of sales? Consider that if the level of starting paying is $100 does not seem like a very good deal. When besides this the commission offered is only 1% of sales, it means that required sales of $ 10,000 through your web site to get paid – is a difficult level to achieve routinely, only if you have a high traffic.
  • What is the reputation of the company provodong the affiliate program? If it’s a well known brand such as Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com, chances are that people are familiar with the company to be more confident and make online orders without hesitation – you win so relatively easy commission granted for brand reputation.
  • Read the regulations carefully before signing anything. Depending on the country you live, it is possible that not every affiliate program will be useful, even if it is additional to the field you work. When the odds of achieving sales are low, you have no interest in promoting free services or products of other companies.
  • Check the tracking system for users. What benefits are provided? Receive reference fee only after the first visits of the user sent by you, or whenever the visitors buy products, no matter what site access on future visits (see the Amazon.com system, which stores the every shopper affiliate website that was meant). Compare the alternatives that you have and choose the best one depending on the revenue they could generate.

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