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Pricing Policy in Online Businesses

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Starting a website costs. After the website was established objectives, the next step is to analyze costs. The difficulty is that prices vary substantially. It is a new technology, with many options available to the customer.

The main question that arises in this regard are:

  1. Do I own my own server ? I need one?
  2. How will my server connects to the internet?
  3. Who will ensure the page design ?
  4. Who will maintain the page, and what implies this process?
  5. Do I want to accept online orders ?
  6. Do I need or want to make my web interface with the help of existing databases, ordering systems or accounting systems ?

These simple questions are enough to see how large are your options. Some companies have spent millions in order to “develop” web pages, while others have consistent pages with minimal costs.

Next we address small businesses that want a website at minimal cost.

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